Best Blocking Mats for Knitting

What are blocking mats used for?

Knitters should not overlook the importance of good blocking mats for their projects. Many knitters overlook the usefulness blocking mats provide for knitting. 

Using blocking mats will give your project a more professional appearance, help you reshape a knitted piece and create more intricate patterns. 

Blocking mats can also help with wetting and steaming your knits for wet blocking. These blocking mats will also ensure that your knits will dry properly after the wetting and steaming process.

What should I be looking for in blocking mats?

It may be hard to find blocking mats that are the right size, interchangeable and made from good thick foam material. 

A good blocking mat should be simple to put together and firmly stay in place. 

Grid lines are also a thing to be looking for when buying blocking mats. Grid markings allow you to align the sides of your project and block squarely for an accurate, professional finish. 

Some blocking mats have a storage bag that can be extremely useful for staying organized. 

The blocking mats should always be rated for high temperature so that you can steam your blocked pieces.

What blocking mats do I recommend?

The blocking mats from KnitIQ is a great pick for any knitter looking for good blocking mats to use. The blocking mats from KnitIQ includes all the criteria for what you should be looking for in a blocking mat. 

KnitIQ Blocking Mats

These mats interlock firmly with each other and can be assembled into many different shapes. 

The blocking mats also include precise grid lines that will allow you to align your project. 

The KnitIQ mats are special since they are more thick than the normal blocking pads. This allows you to push pins deeper into the foam securing your knit. 

These blocking mats also include a lot of extras. When purchasing these mats you will receive 100 pins to use on the mat as well as a storage bag for them.

The KnitIQ blocking mats are the best mats to get for knitting. You can purchase them here! They work great and they have the most value for what you are spending! You will not regret buying these blocking mats that will last you years to come!

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