Best Knitting Needle Set for Beginners

When looking for the perfect needle set there are many things you have to consider. The most important part when looking for a needle set is finding a needle that works best for whatever yarn you use, while maximizing output. You don’t want to end up fiddling with the needles the entire time you are trying to finish your project.

Starting off with buying a needle set is a great idea as it will give you basic starter equipment so you can dive straight into knitting!

Needles come in a variety of lengths, tips, materials, and styles. When you are looking to purchase a needle set, you should understand what you are going to knit and the yarn you will be using if you want to find one that fits your needs. 

We will take a look at some important factors to consider when looking to purchase a needle set and what one would work for you. 

What length should I look for in a knitting needle?

The length of the needle is how long it is from the tip to the opposite end.

If you are using large sized yarn, a longer needle, whether the needle is circular or straight, gives more room to space out the stitches. Using a smaller needle in the scenario may cause the stitches to drop or it could just slow down the knit.

What tip should I look for in a knitting needle?

The tip of the needle is important to consider when looking for a needle to use. There are two different types of tips: sharp and pointed or round and blunted.

The sharp and pointed tips, known as lace tips, are used for working with fine yarns, such as lace. These tips are also used when making tighter stitches.

Round and blunted tipped needles are used when working with larger yarn weights or yarn that splits easily.

It is popular for more novice knitters to knit exclusively with the sharp and pointed needles as some knitted find that the round and blunted tipped needles are slower to work with.

What material should the needle be made out of?

All types of different material needles will get any job done. Even though every material has pros and cons, it really comes down to personal preference with the material. You might want to experiment with different material needles to figure out what works best for you.

Bamboo needles are very flexible but very strong. The light weight of these needles make it easier for people with wrist pain or conditions like arthritis to knit. Yarn also tends to stick more to bamboo than to other materials. The resistance this creates means fewer dropped stitches. Beginner knitters may like this aspect of bamboo needles.

Wood needles have very similar properties to bamboo. If you like bamboo you’ll probably like wood needles. The difference between bamboo and wood needles is that wood is less flexible than bamboo.

Plastic needles are used by many knitters when they are working with large bulky yarns. The lighter weight needles are less likely to fatigue the knitter when working with these yarns. If you are considering getting plastic needles, finding ones with a smooth finish will prevent yarn snagging.

Stainless steel needles are used by knitters who are looking to get a project done fast. Stainless steel needles don’t snag the yarn you are working with. These needles will also last you the longest unlike plastic and wood needles.

What is the best needle set I can get?

The Yosoo Stainless Steel Needle Kit is a perfect set for beginners looking to start knitting!

Yosoo Stainless Steel Needle Kit

Since the set is stainless steel it will last you for years to come! The smooth finish on the needles will also prevent snagging the yarn while knitting.

The set includes 11 long needles, 11 short needles, and 11 circular needles. The needles are all blunted and round, great for beginners! The rest of the set consists of many other knitting tools that will help you get started knitting as soon as possible!

If you are looking for a cheaper set made out of bamboo, the Exquiss Bamboo Needle Set is perfect for you.

Exquiss Bamboo Needle Set

This set includes everything to get you started knitting. The needles included with the set are 18 circular needles, and 18 pairs of different sized needles. 

Either one of these sets will get any beginner started knitting in no time!

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