Best Knitting Needle Set for Beginners

When looking for the perfect needle set there are many things you have to consider. The most important part when looking for a needle set is finding a needle that works best for whatever yarn you use, while maximizing output. You don’t want to end up fiddling with the needles the entire time you areContinue reading “Best Knitting Needle Set for Beginners”

Best Blocking Mats for Knitting

What are blocking mats used for? Knitters should not overlook the importance of good blocking mats for their projects. Many knitters overlook the usefulness blocking mats provide for knitting.  Using blocking mats will give your project a more professional appearance, help you reshape a knitted piece and create more intricate patterns.  Blocking mats can alsoContinue reading “Best Blocking Mats for Knitting”

Best Rigid Heddle Loom For Beginners

Why get a rigid heddle loom? Traditional weaving looms are large, expensive, and much harder to learn and master. They require a lot of working room and take up a lot of house space. The simple and easy-to-use design of the rigid heddle loom, makes this loom the perfect weaving loom for anyone wanting toContinue reading “Best Rigid Heddle Loom For Beginners”